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Manual Lensmeter with Internal Reading LM-200

Luxvision LM-200 Manual Lensmeter with Internal Reading.
The ability to perform manual lensometry is essential in every eye care practice, laboratory and dispensary. With the Luxvision LM-200, you will be able to comfortably measure spherical, cylindrical and prism powers with unparalleled accuracy. This model features internal readings as well as a prism compensator. An enhanced lens marking device, a gentle lens pressing unit, inclination control and more combine to make the LM-200 an excellent choice.

*Prism: With Prism / Without Prism

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Lensmeter LM-200 Luxvision - US Ophthalmic

Advanced Eyepiece System

A lensmeter’s eyepiece plays an important role in the accuracy of your readings. The spiral focusing unit on the LM-200 is manufactured at the highest standards and offers a range of ±5D to accommodate operator needs.

Lensmeter LM-200 Luxvision - US Ophthalmic

Gentle Lens Pressing Unit

Worry less about lens damage with the LM-200. The unit features three plastic feet and a carefully designed spring system that makes it much easier to adequately press the lens in place without breaking it. Once in place, simply lock the unit to begin measurement.

Lensmeter LM-200 Luxvision - US Ophthalmic

Prism Compensator

This Luxvision model enables operators to neutralize prism power with an integrated prism compensator. Use the prism compensating device to inspect lenses with a high degree of prism correction.

Lensmeter LM-200 Luxvision - US Ophthalmic

Enhanced Lens Marking

The LM-200 features three pens to spot the lens at the optical center or prism reference point, or for otherwise marking the lenses as needed.

Lensmeter LM-200 Luxvision - US Ophthalmic

Ergonomic Inclination Control

You and your technicians can easily regulate the instrument’s degree of inclination, allowing everyone in the office to work at his or her most comfortable posture.

Additional information

Ranges of Diopter Measurement

0 ~ ±25D

Astigmatism Axis of Cylindric Lenses

0 ~ 180°

Prism Diopter Standard Model

0 ~ 5Δ

*Strengthened Model

0 ~ 20Δ

Prism Base Angle


Minimum Scale Value

Regulation of Ocular Visibility


Size of Lens

Φ0.63in ~ Φ0.70in

Overall Dimensions of Device

10.8 x 5.12 x 18 in

Weight Standard Model

12.32 lb

Strengthend Model

12.54 lb

Light Source


Lighting Lamp

220V / 110V 15W


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